This Soagift Online Customer Agreement and Terms of Use (shortly the "Agreement") is the acceptance of this Agreement by Soagift, who owns all rights to the website with the extension, its application and all related applications (shortly the "Site"), and the identity and contact information of this Agreement. It is among the Customers who have previously defined it in the system or purchased products from the Site even if it has not been defined.

The subject of this Agreement is to provide the opportunity to purchase products through the platform owned by Soagift and to determine the mutual rights and obligations of the parties. The Customer accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and approved all the provisions of this Agreement in case he/she makes a purchase from the Site as a Customer or without a Customer.




This Agreement enters into force from the moment it is approved on the Site and Soagift or the Customer cancels their membership and/or cancels the order placed by the Customer and/or delivers the order placed by the Customer without any problems and/or the services offered on the Site. terminates automatically, without the need for further notice.